We have moved - into our forever home.


Avery at 14 Watt Street has been three years in the making with designing, planning and the build. Although it is a new space for us, we have held onto the same values and philosophies that have always underpinned Avery.

Central to everything we do is the belief in the importance of authentic human connection. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into how the physical environment of our new rooms will support this core value in action.

At Avery, we know how difficult it can be to take the first step of having a consultation, for many different reasons that are unique to you, and we understand that this can make you feel vulnerable. 

During your consultation you will likely be talking about an aspect of yourself you want to change. This might be something you haven’t shared with anyone else before and there can be feelings of anxiety around this idea before coming in to see us. It is important to us that we recognise this before you visit us and do everything we can to provide a safe space for you to trust that you can be your authentic self at Avery. 

So, how do we advocate for human connection and authenticity in a safe and supportive way? 

There are many ways we try to achieve this… When creating our new rooms, we made sure we maintained the round table concept in our consultation rooms rather than the traditional medical model of the specialist behind the desk. We recognise that there is still the traditional (and outdated) idea of a power imbalance between Doctor and Patient, and we reject it. We have arranged the physical environment of Avery in a way that says – you have a voice and we respect that, and this is a partnership where we combine our clinical expertise with your right to be heard, to have as much information as you need to make an informed decision, to ask questions, and have the space to express what you are hoping for.

The design of our new Practice also allows for improved privacy and comfort for our patients, and a workspace that allows our team to be patient centred. It has been a big project, but one we believe has been worth it in order to provide an environment for our team and patients that reflects our values, and the quality of service we strive to provide for our patients.

And whilst there are still people working tirelessly to complete the finishing touches of our forever home, for now, we are so grateful to be in our new space. Whether it’s next week, next year, or in ten years we look forward to welcoming you to Avery - a place where you can be you.